AB Designs House is one of the world's leading design houses, dedicated to designing and implementing the most luxurious weddings, corporate, private, and social events on a global level.


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AB Designs is one of the world’s leading design houses, dedicated to designing and implementing the most luxurious weddings, corporate, private, and social events on a global level.


Being a pioneer of bespoke design, Ali Bakhtiar is known for his elaborate creations and sophisticated arrangements. Described as the man who “brings dream worlds to life,” Ali Bakhtiar’s designs are the pinnacle of luxury, combining state-of-the-art technology with attention to detail and high-end materials.

Ali Benham-Bakhtiar was born in Tehran to an aristocratic family forced into exile in Paris at the outbreak of the Iranian revolution in 1978. His subsequent extensive academic training ran the gamut of architecture, design, art and fashion, and included collaboration with John Galliano at Dior, Christian LaCroix and Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. Passionate about fashion, in 1996 he launched his own Parisian haute couture brands. In 1997, his virtuosity as an interior designer led him to establish his company, Ali Bakhtiar Designs, in the lively atmosphere of the United Arab Emirates. In its early years, the company focused solely on the interior design sector for luxury housing and yacht design, allowing its founder to specialize in palaces, castles, and private mansions, especially in Asia and the Middle East. In 2003, Ali was commissioned to organize his first royal wedding. The immense creation he conceived spearheaded his career as a producer and designer of exceptional events. Today, his clientele includes politicians, royalty, Hollywood celebrities, arts and sports personalities, and Ali Bakhtiar Designs is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious design houses for the creation of sumptuous private and corporate events, as well as for its achievements in interior architecture and bespoke floral decoration.

Universally recognized for a talent which combines essential tradition and creative avant-gardism, Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar designs and produces spaces as architectural illustrations of timeless perfection. Ali begins his creative process with extensive research, considering each project in its uniqueness and originality. His clients know that he is deeply involved in all the work he undertakes, surpassing himself in his personal commitment to the smooth running of each project, and surrounding himself with a wide range of local specialists. His architectural designs and event creations are renowned for this unprecedented attention to detail. Ali combines boundless creativity with perfect and prestigious production. His creations are designed to last, and to be appreciated by generations to come.

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