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Did you know that you can give special day greetings or invitations at AB Residences? For birthdays, private parties, special shows and service requests, simply fill out the Event Request Form.

We also provide staff who can provide you with the necessary service in all your events and special programs. All you have to do is find out if the residence you want to plan the event is available on the day of the event and talk to the residence management about the services and dates in advance.

AB Residences are at your service with all staff and entertainment centers in Ljubljana, Istanbul and Tehran. We transport your guests by private vehicles, airport transfer to event area. We would like to emphasize that your guests are as important to us as you.

When filling out the plan an event form, we expect you to indicate how long you plan your event plan to last. Before sending the form, you need to proceed by filling in the mandatory fields and especially without leaving the phone number field blank.

After your form submission is completed and your related submission reaches us, the relevant residence management representative will contact with you and a verification will be made regarding your event-related requests.

We are always with you to give you the best service.

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